What to know about cabinetry

Preparing for a kitchen or bathroom remodel will eventually lead to a desire to learn more about the many available cabinetry options they could add. These pieces enhance the décor, store items, and offer a lifespan that means they won't require replacement for some time. Here is some information that can clarify the choices, even if this is the first remodeling project.

Choose cabinetry options that cater to your needs

Cabinets are most often used for storage, and if that’s important to you, the box shape and size will be a point of interest. The pieces should be easy to reach and large enough to hold all the necessary elements, so kitchen cabinets should have room for food, dishes, and gadgets, to name a few. It's also vital to include doors, handles, and hinges that function in a way that caters to the household's needs.

For visual appeal and décor matching, the possibilities are nearly endless. Choose from various materials, colors, textures, styles, and trends to gain the best results for any existing interior décor. Many choices will cater to the room's appearance, even if trends change, so shop carefully to enjoy the best cabinetry results.

Once the perfect materials are chosen, and measurements are taken for your bathroom vanity and kitchen pieces, we can offer an estimate and installation information. We’ll tell you what you can expect from start to finish, so there will be no surprises. This upfront information is vital for the busy family.

Ask any time if you have questions about the materials or the installation. We're here to ensure your most successful cabinetry installation, and we're ready to begin when you are.

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Choosing our showroom for your cabinets

At Jeanette's Interiors, we cater to every homeowner that needs remodeling materials and services and friendly, knowledgeable associates who help through every step of the cabinetry project. Our staff stands ready to help you with a vast inventory of products, to which we'll add all the most critical services. And we're prepared to answer any questions you have, so be sure to spend time with our remodeling professionals while you're here.

You're invited to visit our Okeechobee, FL, showroom to see our extensive inventory and browse until you find the perfect products. We cater to Okeechobee, FL, Lakeport, FL, Morehaven, FL, and Buckhead Ridge, FL, and look forward to serving your needs. Stop by today and find out how we make remodeling easy for bathroom and kitchen cabinetry.

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